Seven Days A Week Of Promotional Bingo Ukash Bliss!



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Each day of the week – all seven – provide a different bingo ukash promotional offer that will deliver exceptional bonuses and an impressive addition to your bingo ukash cash account. Mondays and Tuesdays kick of the opening week’s insanity by providing buy ukash players – new and seasoned – with a 250% matching deposit bonus, up to $100. Should deposit more than $100, you will receive a 400% matching bonus!

Wednesdays provides a tiered breakdown of matching bingo ukash bonuses, based on your ukash deposit figure. Deposits of $25 to $49 will be entitled to a 125% bonus, and $50 to $74 will be entitled to a 140% bonus. The more you deposit, the higher your bonus, so deposits of $75 to $99 get 160% and deposits of $100 or more will get a complete 190% bonus!

Thursdays provides an across the board deposit bonus – no matter how much you deposit on that day – of 160%! However, if you are a woman, Thursday can be considered Lady’s Night (and day), as everything you deposit over $100 will be matched by 188%!

Friday and Sunday finish out the week just as it started, with a 250% matching ukash deposit bonus, up to $100 and a 400% matching bonus for any amount deposited over $100. Saturday adds an extra twist to the promotional plot by delivering 175% deposit matches on EVERYTHING you deposit throughout the day, combined with a special surprise bonus delivered by “Big Brother” when he enters the chat rooms throughout the day! Each room will be visited, no fail, so all you have to do is be pending in the queue, and you will be eligible for the surprise bingo ukash bonus!



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